Tuesday, 25 September 2012



Carmi's Photographic Challenge this week is GROUNDED.  So I took my camera out this morning, despite the fact it was pouring with rain!  


We had had gales over the last couple of days (I think more are forecast!) so there was plenty of stuff grounded!





And the paths were glistening in the pouring rain





In a lovely early morning sun, however, the shadows were long and the dew heavy.



I know this isn’t strictly grounded, although there is plenty of mud underneath the water! 

Perhaps Trollied would be a better term!





And lastly, our friendly robin, who will practically sit on your feet if the ground is being dug!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Carmi's Challenge this week is all things RETRO – and a year or so ago I went to a “40’s Weekend”.   I found it very amusing that everyone wanted to dress up in what they saw as 40’s clothes, and dress up was the word.   Up to the nines, as they say!   But I can remember coupons, lack of anything useful like knitting wool, and my mother carefully unravelling old knitted jumpers to reknit them up for me and my sister.  Well, when I say my mother unravelled – she did the knitting, I did the unravelling!

However, at the 40’s weekend, I came across some wonderful HATS!






The “Weekend” was held at an old Railway Station (actually still used by a steam train up and down an old line) all done out as it would have been pre WWII.   I found these milk churns on the platform.   Do you remember seeing them at the end of the lane up to the farm, waiting for the milk lorry to collect?   Not nowadays, all pumped straight into the big tankers. 




And then there was this marvellous Art Deco window in Gran Canaria, Spain.




And if you really want Retro, don’t you just love me and my sister, with her pigtails, and our little puffed sleeves.   This would be about 1944 I think.   My sister is wearing a hand-me-down from me, and I am wearing either one made from my mother’s dress or a hand-me-down from someone else who had an older child than me!


144 G & V on hill


Ah, happy days!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Carmi's Photographic Challenge this week is Angles and angular.


Under the famous Bridge at Lisbon.   I love the dolphins on the base!



M up Monument

You might have seen this before – that black speck at the top is my husband at the top of the Monument in Anglesey.


One sunbed is boring – stacked up they make a pattern

Copy of DSCN1787


High, High in the air!


Roofs in Tromso, Norway

Everyone else has put cranes in, so thought I would!   They are at Zeebrugge

Exercise time at sea!

Do comment on them, I love to read what you think!

Thursday, 6 September 2012



Carmi’s challenge this week is for things that have been weathered and worn.   I translated this as things worn in use, preferably outside, in the weather!

To see more interpretations go to this link.




These oil cans certainly seem to have seen a lot of hard wear!



And this is the seat (underneath) of an old wooded folding chair we keep down the end of the garden for the benefit of those labouring there!

And that’s me lot this week!