Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Its nostalgia all the way this week, as Carmi, over at written inc. is asking us to either photograph something that brings back our childhood memories, or photos from our archives.

Follow the link above to see some photographic memories from others - I am sure you will be fascinated!

I don't seem to have anything much from my childhood - after all, it was a long way past!   I do still have a tatty  little bear, but not too sure where he is!

However, I have come up with these:-

This is me, aged 6, in 1940, trying on my Grandad's spectacles.  He was my favourite Grandad!

My father, in his Home Guard Uniform!   Whenever I hear or read about the Home Guards in  WWII, I think of him all done up in his battledress!

This was one of the first photographs I ever took.   It's 1947, and my Father and my younger sister are busy posing for me.   I used a little Box Brownie camera, and my Father, who was a very good amateur photographer, taught me a great deal.

This must be about the same time - we were allowed to make camp fires in the garden and cook odds and ends.   I am being bossy and not letting my sister do anything!   I still have a yearning to do it all again!

This must be about 1947, we used to go to Cromer, on the north Norfolk coast, every summer.   In those days we all wore bathing hats, and the bathing suits (not swim wear then!) were nearly all regulation black or navy.   Very fetching!

And this is me, aged about 14 or 15, trying to look all mysterious and "interesting".   This was the first thing I ever knitted all by myself, and I insisted on doing a complicated pattern with birds across the front!   The jumper was yellow and the birds were brown, and I was immensely proud of it.   I kept it for ages, but eventually the moths found it and I had to throw it away!   I might add that in those days it was all three-ply wool and small needles - double knitting hadn't been heard of.   Don't think I would do that again!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Another chance for us to post our favourite shots of all time, and burrow down into our archives!

To see great photos from others, and I can promise you there will be tremendous ones, go to Carmi over at this link.

I love seeing patterns in things, and taking close-ups, trying to get to the essence of the object.    Sounds a rather weighty objective, but you can see the results here!

The security gate over a door.

Reflections in the lake in our park

Radishes!   But a gorgeous colour!

Yes, the answer is a lemon!

Coloured felt tip pens, just waiting to be used by my Great Granddaughter!

Raindrops on a long thin leaf.

Don't forget to go and see the favourite shots of others over at the link above.   And do please leave a comment on mine, I do love to know you have been visiting!