Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Birds and/or feathers is the subject of Carmi's challenge this week.   Being bird-watchers and even more scientific ornithologists in earlier years, I had a hard job choosing shots from my archives!   Some of these you will have seen before, but others I hope not!   Most of them have been taken in our back garden, or in the park behind us.

That beady eye is firmly fixed on the water, and that wicked bill will catch any unwary fish that comes along!

A male (R) and female Bullfinch on our nyjer feeder

A beautiful Jay, but I do wish they wouldn't dig holes in our lawn!

Our Robin is totally fearless when we are digging in the garden, nipping in and grabbing odd worms, grubs etc.   One year they built a nest in one of the holes in our garden wall and raised two fledglings.

A Swan's wing.   At one time the pair of swans raised five cygnets, which they chased away, but the other week we heard that the male swan had died.   That leaves the lonely female, who looks rather sad, not surprising as swans mate for life, but maybe another male swan will find her.   The swan that died was incredibly aggressive and kept all other large birds, including Canada Geese away.   Maybe the geese will come back this coming winter - who knows?

An odd moulted swan's feather

Crows gather in the evening before roosting wherever it is they roost.

These two crows were sitting in a silver birch tree at the end of our garden, watching, just watching......

Thursday, 21 August 2014


I am not a great one for taking photographs of strangers - I would feel too nervous to take my camera out at a busy station, for example.   But Carmi, over at writteninc has challenged us to do just that.

So I took my camera with me as I took the dog for a walk, along our usual route down by the lake.

 There they were, quietly feeding the pigeons, when along came.......


........a woman, juggling with her scarf.   Of course we all had to have a loook (except the dog - he hasn't taken his eyes off the bag with the bread in it!)

Waiting for the Manchester train is really boring!

But the rain is not going to stop anyone going to the Treacle Market!

Go along to the link at the top to see plenty of other strangers who have been shot!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Now if there is one thing I don't do, it is climb up high and look down.   Well, I never climb up high, not the sort of high where there is a sheer drop, whether its cliffs, buildings or church towers.   I just don't. do. heights!

However, in order to post along with others of stouter stomachs at Carmi's Thematic Photographic challenge I have looked straight down, with my feet firmly at ground level!

Early morning dew on fallen leaves, one Autumn

Another autumnal shot - Horse Chestnuts, or conkers as they are colloquially known here!

More autumnal leafs with morning dew.

And lastly - a Spring one - deep inside a Crocus

For other heightened shots, go to the link above and see what others have cleverly taken!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


A children's programme used to start "Are you sitting comfortably?   Then I'll begin......

After standing up to sing a hymn, the congregation is invited to "please be seated".

And Carmi this week is asking us to illustrate "Please be seated".   Go to his web site to see how others have asked us to "Please be seated...."

Well, here they are, all ready.........

......the sun!

When I saw this being erected, I was puizzled as to what is was.   But leaning over the wall I was fascinated by the patterns made by the shadows.

On our return, I realised they were preparing for some sort of entertainment, with seats, and a shade from the very hot sun in Palma, Majorca!

Not a comfortable seat for ordinary mortals!   Maybe they have giants in Staffordshire, where someone has carved a magnificent giant-sized sofa!