Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Carmi's great capture of a pink van under street lights will inspire us all to take part in his "In The Pink challenge this week.

I had not planned to go anywhere today, the sun, and my garden being quite delightful enough, for once.   So I took my camera out and came up with these!

My small-flowered begonias never stop flowering.   Great little plants!

We do our best for bees and butterflies.   This one is on a very big sedum plant.

As is this Red Admiral butterfly.   Same sedum, though it grows like weeds with us.

Whereas this bee fancied the last of the astrantia flowers.

Speaking of "lasts"  this and the next are the last roses of summer....

....growing over an arch and very high to reach to photograph.   Help was needed with a tall male hand!

Do go to the link above to see other interpretations of "in the Pink" - there will be things there you would never have thought of!

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014


This week we are knee deep in various forms of vegetation for  Carmi's Photogrpahic Challenge.   Follow the link to see what sort of vegetation others have found for their Cameras.

Down in deepest Cheshire, providing drought doesn't cover the land, we tend to get very lush vegetation!   Its the rain, you know!

Down the end of our garden it is very lush - I call it the Fernery

But there is a rather nice little Cotonoeaster which seeded itself there two or three years back.

I did mention the rain, didn't I?

However, it makes my Echinacea flower!

Not sure if fungus counts as vegetation, but this is a rather splendid specimen on an old willow tree.

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