Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Sometimes, just seeing things 'back to front' as it were in a reflection enable us to see things quite differently, or spot things we hadn't noticed before.

So over at Thematic Photography this week its all things Reflective.   Most of my offerings are watery: probably because water offers the most variations, from flat calm to a fair amount of movement, which can give us lovely shots.

Reflection of a clump of harts tongue ferns in our small pond

An abstract picture of reed stems reflected in a lake.

Off Cobh waterfront in Ireland

Another waterfront, this time in Tromso, Norway.

A very still day in winter at the end of the lake in our Park

A backwards glance at a following car in a narrow lane in Derbyshire.

Do go to the link above and see what other reflections have been captured, and maybe post yours as well!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Its all things ORANGE over at Thematic Photography this week.   Carmi has started us off with some multicoloured carrots, but there are other things orange around!

Go to the link above to see how orange is shaping the world of others!

A nice bright orange tulip cheers me up in the early Spring!

Terracotta pots at the Garden Centre.    They look awfully bright when I first put them in the garden, but luckily they soon get dirty!

Sometimes we do have decent sunrises!   This is looking from the back of our house.

And you can't get more vibrant than a good orange nasturtium!

As for Carmi's carrots, does anyone know if they stay purple or white when they are cooked??   Not sure if I fancy a purple carrot!

Thursday, 6 April 2017


I'm still stuck with a camera phone, and I don't find it very easy to hold still!   However, in my office I have a whole battery of family photographs, so decided they would be great subjects!   Had a lot of trouble with reflections, but they still show portraits of people long ago!

My Grandfather and Grandmother, possibly on their wedding day, but certainly somewhere in the 1890's.   Don't you love those big sleeves?

My Grandparents had six children, these are the four girls, the date at the bottom of the photographs is 1925, I think my Aunt Vi, at the back woiuld be early twenties, the others probably still teenagers, only that word hadn't been invented then!

And this last is one of the embroideries my daughter did for her Art Degree Finals at Manchester.   She loved the countryside around the Chilterns where we lived then, and was inspired by the fields at the back of our village.

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