Wednesday, 30 April 2014


A quieter title this week from Carmi!    Over at writteninc. he has challenged us to be REFLECTIVE.   Go over to the link above to see how others have interpreted this challenge.

Parked in a narrow lane in the Derbyshire Peak District

Reflections in our very small pond in the garden

A still morning in the Park

Reflections in a puddle of the railings by the lake 
(Same lake as above!)

Do please leave a comment if you visit - I love to know who came!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I nearly took a photo of our spare room for Carmi's latest challenge to us!    CHAOS bring all sorts of incidents or pictures in our minds.   But for my answer to the challenge I have come up with these.


Messy raindrops and dripping tree outside

Blooms all muddled together - if one fell down, several joined it!

A chaotic stall at Leek Flea Market.   You'd have a job to find anything you wanted - though maybe you could light on some treasure!

Do post your own chaotic photographs on the link above - and have a look to see how others have interpreted this subject.

Thursday, 17 April 2014


I like looking at photographs of food - even if it makes me hungry!   I also like cooking, but it never has that professional shine that the illustrations in the food books do!   Still, it tastes good!

Carmi, over at writteninc has challenged us to illustrate the theme HUNGRY?   Mine are below, but do go to the link above to see what others have come up with!

Artisan Bread at our local market

One of your five, sorry, seven, a day?

A very welcome drink and light lunch in Alicante on a very hot day last year.   The glasses were iced - bliss!

This squirrel had a very l-o-n-g stretch to reach the fat put out for the birds last winter!

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Spring is coming, and so much has Gone Green, as Carmi says, over on writteninc where he challenges us to find GREEN around us.

I have gone all natural, as there is so much just springing up in my garden, and the park.   But go to the link above to see what others have come up with, and perhaps post your own!

 The willow trees are always first out in the park, and I love the lovely lime green of the young leaves.

Another acid green is the Euphorbia in our garden.   It tends to spread everywhere, but I dig up the unwanted bits and let the rest wander.   It is a really bright colour in dark places!

I thought my hostas in pots had died after the exceptionally wet winter we had, so I was delighted to find these shoots coming up strongly!

The lovely yellow tulips come green first as they break out of the buds.

Enjoy the green of Spring and taker your camera.   (Sorry if you are in the Southern Hemisphere!)

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Well, for this week, Carmi challenges us to "LOGOS"   Now I am always thinking that the Logo bit means a sign, that can be recognised even if you can't read, or see the letters clearly.   Bit like the Bangladesh voting forms in the recent election.   If you saw those on the news!

(And just for the over-educated among us, I do know that Logos in Greek means word!)

So here are mine, taken in town on a day threatening rain, which came, so not as many as I would have liked to choose from.   However, I don't want to bore you, so I've picked these.

Do go to Carmi at writteninc. and see what others have come up with.   And post yours - there are plenty around! 

Logos from ordinary signs around England

A smile for a travel agent

Cancer (?) cells, I think, for a Cancer charity 

Advertisement for a fish and chip shop

A logo derived, I think, from a monitor of heart beats

And lastly,a really pale and uninteresting, stand-back-and-let-someone-else-come-in logo for our local Council.   Considering it is a County Council, Cheshire having been chopped into two, I really think it could be better.   However, supposedly, the electorate voted for it, so there we go!