Thursday, 3 April 2014


Well, for this week, Carmi challenges us to "LOGOS"   Now I am always thinking that the Logo bit means a sign, that can be recognised even if you can't read, or see the letters clearly.   Bit like the Bangladesh voting forms in the recent election.   If you saw those on the news!

(And just for the over-educated among us, I do know that Logos in Greek means word!)

So here are mine, taken in town on a day threatening rain, which came, so not as many as I would have liked to choose from.   However, I don't want to bore you, so I've picked these.

Do go to Carmi at writteninc. and see what others have come up with.   And post yours - there are plenty around! 

Logos from ordinary signs around England

A smile for a travel agent

Cancer (?) cells, I think, for a Cancer charity 

Advertisement for a fish and chip shop

A logo derived, I think, from a monitor of heart beats

And lastly,a really pale and uninteresting, stand-back-and-let-someone-else-come-in logo for our local Council.   Considering it is a County Council, Cheshire having been chopped into two, I really think it could be better.   However, supposedly, the electorate voted for it, so there we go!


Alexia said...

Oh, I like the smiley one, and the C is attractive too.

Good selection, Gilly :)

Bob Scotney said...

In our part of the world if the electorate vote for what they want the Council ignores them. So perhaps that happened to the East Cheshire sign,