Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Carmi's challenge this week is FLASH OF COLOUR.

This dark-leaved heuchera, a glorious plum colour, was planted to offset the paler green of the Sedum behind it. However, a sneaky Welsh Poppy decided to give a "flash of colour" to the arrangement!

Bullfinches are rare visitors to our garden,possibly because although our garden backs onto a park, we are really fairly suburban round here, and also they are less common now anyway. So we were delighted to see this pair (the female is on the right) arrive at our seed feeder. I was quite pleased with the photograph, as my camera has not got a brilliant zoom, and I was shooting through the glass of the kitchen window anyway!

But the male made a really great splash of colour in the winter garden.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Carmi's Challenge this week is MUTED

I love muted colours, bright and brash is not for me!

And we've had some rather muted weather this week, as fog descended upon us one morning. The overhanging willows on the lakeside always make for a good photo.

As do the trees in the Park disappearing as I looked at them. Unfortunately not only did I lose the trees, I also lost my dog! Because our garden backs onto the Park, he considers the whole park merely an extension of his garden. I eventually found him waiting by the gate!

Beech tree roots - give the impression of strong, been-there-forever, roots. But Beech trees are very shallow rooted, and a strong wind, especially if the trees are still in leaf, can blow them over remarkably easily.

But I think the colours are beautiful!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


All things CLASSICAL is the theme for Carmi's challenge this week.

I love simple lines, and having been to Greece many times in the past, I admire the Grecian style.

This beautiful glass jug was given to me as a present when I left my last full-time job of work many years ago. It is gorgeous when the sun shines through it, but it's hard to find exactly the right place for it here.

The RHS Gardens at Wisley, in Surrey, however, make used of classical-inspired urns for planting. And very nice it looks too!

And there's got to be classical cars somewhere! These were waiting for a wedding party outside the Town Hall. Lovely, sleek lines, you've got to agree!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Carmi's challenge this week is DRINK UP! This is my first effort - a shot taken at a family Christmas - before we got into the stronger drink!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Ah, nothing like an old brick wall - preferably part of a walled garden, sun streaming down, scent of lavender, marjoram, roses..........

Well, I've got nothing like that for Carmi's Challenge this week but I have found some old brick building.

These chimneys are at Losley Hall, in Surrey,

as is this brick arch. I thought at first that the old bit at the top was brickwork, but on looking closely, it is stone. Brick-shaped stone, but still stone! Obviously at some time, the arch was cut through, and brick used to build it.

The last photo is of ancient brickwork in Bruges, Belgium. The old arches are lapped by the waters of the canal, and I wish I knew what the grilles were for! Bruges is full of beautiful brick-built buildings and a wonderful place to visit.