Tuesday, 15 November 2011


All things CLASSICAL is the theme for Carmi's challenge this week.

I love simple lines, and having been to Greece many times in the past, I admire the Grecian style.

This beautiful glass jug was given to me as a present when I left my last full-time job of work many years ago. It is gorgeous when the sun shines through it, but it's hard to find exactly the right place for it here.

The RHS Gardens at Wisley, in Surrey, however, make used of classical-inspired urns for planting. And very nice it looks too!

And there's got to be classical cars somewhere! These were waiting for a wedding party outside the Town Hall. Lovely, sleek lines, you've got to agree!


Alexia said...

Gorgeous cars, and I love the urn!

Max said...

Pretty cool planter, though I don't think it would look right in my small front yard. And, of course, those cars are awesome.

Aunt Snow said...

That urn is gorgeous! And so is your glass jug!

Bob Scotney said...

Love the jug. I'm never seen a wedding car with pink ribbons before. I there any significance in these?