Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Its two together for Carmi's Photographic Challenge this week.    So here are my PAIRS

Yep!  My shoes!

I just happened to see the seesaw looking at me as I passed the children's' playground!

Two little Spanish Children I spotted in a Nursery School in their play time.   As I stopped  they all rushed to have a look at this strange old lady!   I loved their little 'uniforms' and their names on  patch pockets!

Just remembered this one, so I've added it!   its an old one, but I think you will enjoy it!   And yes, they are crows!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Carmi's challenge this week is everything to do with eating!   A blog after my own heart - I love cooking, and I love eating the results!

So first.........

my treat when we go to Leek to hunt round the flea Market held there on Saturdays.   Nothing like a coffee and a piece of cake to refresh the body   Last Saturday was the first time we had been since before Christmas, the weather has been against it, and Leek, being high up, can get Very Cold!

This photo is nearly three years old - its my younger Grandson's birthday cake for his 18th Birthday.  That's my older Grandson lighting the candles.

And this is the cake we enjoyed a few moments later.   Exceedingly tasty!

Its second Grandson's 21st birthday soon - hopefully more cake!!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Over on his Photographic Challenge Blog Carmi has challenged us to find and photograph leaves.

Well, that was quite a challenge!   There isn't much in the way of new leaves around here, Spring having taken one look and gone back inside!

There is nothing on the willows, nothing bursting forth on the sycamores and the beech hedge in the Park is still in its winter covering.

However, I managed to find some shoots on our Golden Elder, although normally they are far more advanced!

And the Honeysuckle was trying hard!

In the border, the Aquilegias were springing forth, good old stalwarts they are!

(and I'd better start getting the buttercup out before it takes over!)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


The sun rises and the sun  sets, and Carmi, over at Thematic Photography has challenged us all to show our shots of those colourful events!   Follow the link to see what others have posted.

First off, this is sunset over the River Tagus at Lisbon.

And this was taken somewhere at sea, down near the Canary Islands.

Sunrise from our bedroom window, looking across the snowy Park!

And this is both sunset and sunrise - the Midnight Sun off North Cape, at the tip of Norway.   Everyone on the ship wanted to see it, unfortunately is was cloudy, but that is it, as it was on the stroke of midnight,  21st June 2011