Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Carmi's challenge this week is GREY.   I thought I would challenge myself, by having to take all my grey photographs today (Tuesday) and not ferret around in my files!

So here we are!

First up is my grey woolly hat I bought in Norway two years ago.   And definitely needed today!

I wandered around the house, looking for grey,  and hit upon the idea of taking my own hair.  
 No, don't ask!

Thinking of hair, and eating a biscuit, I thought of the grey of our dog's muzzle.   I was going to concentrate on just the grey hair there, but it did seem a shame not to include his eager eyes and ears!   and yes, he got a bit of biscuit!

And I promise you that all the photographs are in colour, I didn't turn  on B&W for this challenge!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Its great to see Carmi back with his Challenge in Thematic Photographs. This week his Challenge is WHITE.   Follow the link at the end to see lots of other interpretations of White.

White is wool for a baby’s shawl

Fine and soft and knit with care

White is the gown of the maiden bride
With lacy frills and flowers for her hair

White is the shroud that wraps the dead
And goes with them to the darkest deep

White is the light that welcomes us
As we rise, from our final sleep.

(c) copyright