Thursday, 27 November 2014


Today, we are columnar and linear - that is Carmi's challenge over at this week.   There should be plenty of scope for imagination there!   Do check the link above and see what others have found.

Patterns always appeal to me, so I dug around in my archives (it being too wet to go out today with a camera, and far too dull and dismal) and found the following:-

Nice neat rows of knitting wool stacked ready for those with nimble fingers!

Christmas tree decorations ready for the crowds

Empty fish boxes stacked on the pier at Cobh, Eire.

Not sure if the next two would qualify - a disused and rather sad pier at Dunoon, Scotland

And gantries (is that the word?) at Vigo, Spain, with our cruise liner behind, making another set of lines!

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I am not a great one for photographing cars.    To Mr.G's disgust I can't really tell one car from another.   I drive ours, not to make myself look big, desirable or anything I'm not, but to get from A to B.

see, told you I was boring.   And I have probably now enraged all red-blooded males who post on this site!

So, as Carmi, over at written inc. has challenged us to photograph anything vehicular, I've had to dig around in my archives for anything vehicular, and this is the best I can come up with!

This was taken from a coach window (hence the reflections) as we drove past this strange town, having been on a tour of the Carmargue.  The architecture was something else, but the French cars lined up along the road looked perfectly normal.   Sorry, don't know what make they are!

This was taken from the Castle in Lisbon, Portugal, looking down on one of the squares in that City.  One of those coaches there is the shuttle bus which will take us back to our ship.   There were also trams, but don't know if any are visible.

Out in the Derbyshire countryside, along one of the very narrow lanes, with gates that have to open and shut.   (They stop the sheep from escaping!)   We are stopped to admire the view, and the driver of the red car gallantly both opened the gate for us and shut it after his car had driven through.

Having checked that "vehicular" meant anything  that carried goods or people I've included this one of the "stop me and buy one" man with his tricycle and ice creams.   My father took this in about 1935 or 6 when I was a very tiny little girl, somewhere along our road, or one like it, in Harrow, part of the new building sprawl that was stretching out from London westward along the route of the new Metropolitan Railway .

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


An edible challenge from Carmi this week!   Food from the earth - sounds delicious to me, and I had a hard job choosing some photographs, as I always like taking shots of vegetables and fruits whenever I go to a market, either here in the UK or on holiday.

So I came up with these four - lovely familiar vegetables I can find any day, in season, of course.


Sprouts ready for Christmas, sold on the stem.

Radishes - these were in Norway, but look just the same as ours!

And carrots - how could we manage without them in the winter?

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Thursday, 6 November 2014


Its all things metallic this week.   Carmi, over at writteninc has posted a superb shot of a shiny train at night, and has challenged us to take anything metallic this week.   

Go over to the link, and see what others have come up with!

I don't have shiny trains round here, but have come up with these:

Mr. G used to collect Old Hall stainless steel ware, which has been going from the 1930's, until about the later years of last century (my, doesn't that sound a long time ago!)   We still have quite a lot on display, including this coffee jug and hot water pot.

Old Hall also did goblets and mugs.   Not very practical for hot liquids and maybe more for presentation purposes, but even so, Cheers!

Away from domestic items, I decided to play around with this!

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