Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Carmi, has chosen SHINY AND NEW for his photographic challenge this week.   Follow the link to see lots of shiny new photos!

I had to do a bit of lateral thinking for this one, as I don't get out much, let alone view great shiny and new buildings!   However, I have come up with the following shiny pictures - I hope you like them!

The conker season is not upon us yet, but I love the smoothness of newly opened conkers, and the gorgeous colour

The market in Barcelona, Spain was just wonderful!    The fish were definitely new, and they shone!   I didn't know the names of these and they looked rather ugly fellows.   Not too sure how I would have cooked them, given the chance!

A new necklace and bracelet I treated myself to.

To see more photos of the Barcelona market, go to my other blog

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Curvaceous is a lovely, tactile, exciting word.   Carmi wants our photos to illustrate the curves in this world!   

I came up with the following:-

My favourite glass ball, a fisherman's float, rescued from a remote beach on the Isle of Skye way back in the 1060's

Christmas decorations displayed for sale

A lemon!

A very heavy thick glass bowl.   Very curvaceous and wonderful to touch.

Artichokes - the globe variety, at a market in Spain

Buttons from my button jar.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Carmi over on Written Inc. has chosen ON THE WATER for this week's challenge.   As I have just come off a cruise Ship, this was just up my street, as they say!

We had some pretty rough seas as we crossed the Bay of Biscay!

When it did get hot, the main occupation of a great many people seemed to be to kipper themselves!   (And I must say we met more than a few who had succeeded in doing this!)   Haven't they heard of skin cancer?

Approaching the Rock of Gibraltar in the early dawn was an amazing experience!   It wasn't until I saw it standing way above the surrounding land, and dominating the Straits that I realised what an important strategical position it held!