Wednesday, 26 October 2016


One of my favourite seasons - maybe because I was an Autumn baby!!    But Carmi has chosen Autumn as the Thematic Photo for this week.

As I came down these steps this morning, I felt they had a real autumnal feel.   Pity the sun wasn't out!

This was taken a year or two ago at Tittesworth Reservoir in Staffordshire.   Lovely place to have a sit-down on the bench and admire the gorgeous colours!

And this is a Chinese Rowan Tree in our back garden.   I found it as a wee seedling among some stones, and thinking it was from our ordinary Rowan tree, decided to grow it on.   We realised it wasn't an ordinary Rowan and have decided on it being a Chinese Rowan, kindly brought to us by courtesy of a bird!   I suppose it must be about 10 or 12 years old now, and is really spectacular in the Autumn.   The birds don't eat the berries until a bit later, though they will strip the tree eventually, having performed some very acrobatic feats to get at the hanging berries.

Go to Carmi's blog to see what others have posted, and maybe post yours?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


To everyone's delight, Thematic Photography has returned, with the subject of SCREENS.

Now there are screens and screens, and I'm sure Carmi and others will think of all the screens we use every day - Phone, tablet, laptop, home PC, TV, and I'm sure there are more.   So I took photos of Screens - on my screen!   Just to be different!

The two above are just a tiny selection of the loads I found on Pinterest.

 But two of my favourites are the Italian painted leather one above, and the Japanese one below.   I reckon in the draughty houses of years past, a screen was a vital necessity if you didn't want a nasty cold wind down your back!   Even in my childhood home, where we had no central heating , we could have done with a screen or two, as each time the living room door was opened, an icy blast came in!!    Oh, the chilblains I suffered from!

To see more screens, go to Carmi ans see what others have come up with.   And post your own!