Tuesday, 24 July 2012



Carmi's Theme this week is BROKEN.   Well, I didn’t have to make much of a journey for this one – I just went round my garden!

You might call this a Song Thrush’s breakfast bar!   The Thrush has been bashing the snails on the stone path to get at a good meal!

And this simply doesn't hold water!

Two slats have gone, and the others are rotting away.   Not really safe to sit on.  Its tucked away down in a corner by our little pond – and will probably rot happily away there!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012




Carmi's vibrant theme this week is ORANGE.    so I’ve found some nice bright pics .   For more bright orange pics, go to the link and see what others have done.

This was taken in the flower market at Funchal, Madeira on our holiday earlier this year.   They are just some of the really bright flowers there.


You can’t get much more cheerful than a Gaillardia!


Copy of IMG_0049 copy

And lastly, a pile of Terracotta pots at our local Garden Centre.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012



Carmi's Theme this week is TRANSPORTATION   Here’s my take on this great theme.   You can see more examples from other photographers through the above link.


A Bicycle is always handy!




The pilot boat which met our cruise ship off the Scilly Isles and said we couldn’t go there!


My transportation!   (well, actually, I generally only use one stick!)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012



Carmi has given us a different challenge this week!   He wants us to take a series of photos – to tell a story in other words.


This is not something I have ever attempted, but I have taken two rather boring stories as a first attempt.


1. The Bee who moved steadily along the Nepeta flowers


2.  The Swans and cygnets

“Has she got any food?”                              “Hmm!   Doesn’t look like it!”


“We’ll try that person over there instead!”


Not the best time to try and photograph – rain was threatening and the sky was rather dark!


Now I’m off to try other things!