Tuesday, 3 July 2012



Carmi has given us a different challenge this week!   He wants us to take a series of photos – to tell a story in other words.


This is not something I have ever attempted, but I have taken two rather boring stories as a first attempt.


1. The Bee who moved steadily along the Nepeta flowers


2.  The Swans and cygnets

“Has she got any food?”                              “Hmm!   Doesn’t look like it!”


“We’ll try that person over there instead!”


Not the best time to try and photograph – rain was threatening and the sky was rather dark!


Now I’m off to try other things!



Lisa Shafer said...


Max Sartin said...

Good first attempt! The swan story gave me a good laugh.

Alexia said...

You did well - the swans/cygnets story is entertaining. I've also found that ducks and swans find you totally enticing while you've got bread, but as soon as you've finished it all, they're off!

Bob Scotney said...

Good to see a bee at work; the more we can encourage the better.
Swans and cygnets make good series.

Karen S. said...

Not boring at all, and actually a topic that I quite often take photos of all the time...why is that we can see ducks swimming about (since childhood) and still every time we see them it's like as if for the first time! I love this, great work!

lailani said...

I so enjoyed! I am really like the nature shots today. I might not need to be sitting in a windowless room behind a computer...so glad to have nature shots to admire!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...