Thursday, 27 February 2014


This week we are challenged to take photographs with different perspectives, to look at what we shoot from different angles, and maybe even find something mysterious about them!

Go over to writteninc to see what others have made of this challenge!   I can guarantee there will be several ways of looking at it!

Here is my mystery photograph.   I was rather stumped as to what to do for this, but decided to take this photo and show you tomorrow how I used what is in the photo!

See you tomorrow!

There we are!  Finely chopped Savoy Cabbage, cooked quickly to go with my dinner!

Thursday, 20 February 2014


This week's theme from Carmi, over at writteninc. has asked us to Go Way Back with our photographs, and  search our archives!    I've chosen a few, mostly taken by my father, who was a very accomplished  photographer, and used me and my sister for various models for competition entries.   I have to say he won a lot, too!

Me, in my sun hat and little knitted swimsuit, in 1938.   I would be about three and a half there. 

 Tobogganing in the winter of 1939/40.   Very cold winter, I am told!

Me and my sister on  the beach at Cromer in September 1939.   War was declared while we were there, by a policeman cycling along, ringing a bell!   We were late taking out holiday that year, as I had had measles and put paid to plans for a June holiday!   Funny time to go on holiday, though!

My  sister, myself and a friend at London Zoo, 1942   I am not too sure what my parents were thinking of, taking us to London in wartime, but there we were, scoffing ice creams, which we bought in those solid rectangular blocks.   Sometimes with a wafer either side.   Do you remember them?

By the time I was 13, in 1947, I was very self-conscious about having my photo taken, and was not much good as a model any longer!   We are back at Cromer - but we never went anywhaere else!

Racing  forward to 1970, my daughter, nephew and niece at their Granny's house.   Sadly, Nick died four years ago.

Go to the link above to see other historic photos!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Carmi over at writteninc. has photographed the empty level 7 at a Hospital Car Park.   its a great introduction to his challenge this week, but what I want to know where did he find a Hospital with an empty car Park??   It certainly wasn't in England!

Still, these are my interpretations of EMPTINESS - to see what others have used their ingenuity on, go to the link above.

All washed up and empty!

Early morning in the park.   No dog walkers out yet!

The empty sea and sky at North Cape, Norway

Waiting for the sunshine!

Hope you enjoyed these!   Even if you didn't, please leave a comment - I love reading them!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Carmi had me thinking this week.   Steel is not something I seek out for my photographs, though maybe I should do so.   That is, if I can be sure it isn't made of something else, like aluminium!

Go over to writteninc to see what others have come up with.   I am sure I will be surprised, and hope you will be too.

Our spoons are made of stainless steel.   If you look hard you can see my reflection!

This is by the harbourside in Alicante, Spain.   It looked like steel but as it was meant to be, and was acting as a shade from the sun, I wasn't going to climb up and see what metal it was!

You will have seen this before, but as I said I was scratching my head to find steel-based photographs!   I'm pretty sure this would be made of steel!