Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Well, I work indoors - don't we all, but you don't want to see a boring photograph of my kitchen!    So as its supposed to be summer over here in the north west of the UK, I thought I'd show you photos of our garden.

I do most of the showy bits of the garden.   Mr. G mows the lawn, cuts bits off bushes (unless I can stop him!) and useful and essential bits like that.  The hedges are too much for him now, so we get A Man in to do them!

To see where others work, go over to HERE - and maybe post a shot of where you work!


I have a lot of pots on the patio.   In the Spring, I have bulbs, polyanthus and daffodils, which brighten it up!

But in the summer, I have bedding plants.   I also have two big pots of gaillardias which attract loads of bees.   I also had this year some antirrhinums, which were a huge success.

We also have a lot of shrubs!

And beneath the patio we have what I laughingly call our herbaceous border!

All this takes a fair amount of time, particularly watering the pots in the evenings!   But I love it, and hopefully Mr.G and I enjoy it!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Its all things Retro in Thematic Photography this week.   When Carmi, over at writteninc suggested Retro for this weeks theme I looked round and thought "Oh, you mean all the stuff we've had for years and never got rid of!"    Not quite as silly as it sounds, as we've been married for nearly 55 years, and I've noticed that "The 60's" now count as retro!!

As they say, what goes round, comes round!   (Have I got that right?)

Anyway, I found some nice retro bits:-

This jug comes from my Aunt's house.   She was my favourite Aunt and I wanted something to remember her by.   The jug had stood on the front room window sill for as long as I can remember, and is probably older than me!   Its marked on the bottom "Trentham Art Ware"

The origin on this deer is obscure!   He was on the premises of the Consulting Opticians that my father took over in 1939, and stayed there until my father retired, when following the protests of my sister and I he was brought into the family home, and I collared him when both my parents died!   He is marked on the side "Skeaping Wedgwood" which dates him firmly into the early 1930's

And my own little bit of retro is "The Good Housekeeping Picture Cookery" which was first published in 1950, and which was given to me as a wedding present.   The cookery is as sound now as it was ever, but the presentation is delightfully 1950's!   The picture top left of the collage shows a lovely photograph of the 1930's Institute ladies hard at work!

Do go to the link above to see what other retro items others have come up with!  And thank you Carmi, for a great time I had going through the cookery book again!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Spontaneity is not always easy for photographers, especially if you have been trained by your Dad to wait, compose, think, before you press the shutter!

However, over at writteninc.  it's spontaneous photographs that Carmi is asking for!   Go over to the link to see how others have managed to be spontaneous!

As far as I am concerned, it is the natural world where I have managed to get spontaneous photographs.    I always feel awkward using a camera where there are people around!

I was in a coach travelling from Le Havre to Rouen when I spotted this bridge coming up.   Its taken through the coach window, and I have no idea where exactly it is!

We get Jays in our garden, but they don't often pose conveniently like this!

Nor do Herons usually sit on the railings by the lake in the park!   But I imagine he got a splendid view from up there! 

I had several 'spontaneous' shots of this bee before he posed in a more bee-like manner!

Enjoy more spontaneity at the link above!