Wednesday, 27 November 2013

in the foreground

My father, who taught me photography from an early age, always said that foregrounds were a Good Thing.   As frames, interest-grabbing things, or where the foreground was the important bit, and the background was blurred or in soft focus.

So bearing all that in mind, I dug out the following shots which I hope will illustrate Carmi's challenge this week of "IN THE FOREGROUND"

Not much framing of pictures there!   I tend to focus on the foreground rather than the background.

But I did find one that acted as a frame.   That's on our cruise ship this year and those islands are part of Mallorca as we sailed towards Palma early in the morning.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


'Tis the season of goodwill and all that, and Carmi has proposed a challenge of DRINKS!   Go over to to see all the other drink-related photographs.

Mine start with convivial coffee on a Christmas morning as guests arrived.   I assure you that the sherry etc. came along a bit later!

What could be nicer than coffee and a croissant?   We were glad to have this on a trip out to snowy, and chilly mountains above Geiranger Fjord in Norway.

The temperature was a great deal higher in Alicante this year, and were grabbed those ice-cold beers like dying men in the desert!   The glasses themselves were ice covered - but not for long in the summer heat!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Carmi will be expecting all sorts of Power to be illustrated this week!   Go to this link to see what others have come up with on that subject!   I bet it will be very varied!

When I think of Power one of the first things that comes to mind is the power of plants.

The power behind bulbs which can shoot up through the most unpromising ground never ceases to amaze me.   Actually  there is one plant which can, and does, come up through concrete, tarmac or anything!   I nearly went out to take a photograph of Ground Elder, which we have in abundance down the end of the garden, and which we cannot get rid of.  But its raining hard!

And while we are on plants, fungus, and in particular, Honey Fungus spreads it tentacles far and wide, with absolutely no effort at all.   It has spread this year far beyond the trunks of the trees (the dead ones, fortunately) and I don't think anyone has seen such an array in the Park before.

Water Power - where would be be without it?   Harnessed, its a Good Thing for Everyone - left rampant, it can flood everywhere, damaging people and property, or carve a deep valley in a hillside.   This waterfall is in Geiranger Fjord, Norway.   They can get bigger!

And then there's good old electricity.   Big pylons across the countryside  big prices, bit bills.   But I don't think we'd really be able to do without it!

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