Wednesday, 27 November 2013

in the foreground

My father, who taught me photography from an early age, always said that foregrounds were a Good Thing.   As frames, interest-grabbing things, or where the foreground was the important bit, and the background was blurred or in soft focus.

So bearing all that in mind, I dug out the following shots which I hope will illustrate Carmi's challenge this week of "IN THE FOREGROUND"

Not much framing of pictures there!   I tend to focus on the foreground rather than the background.

But I did find one that acted as a frame.   That's on our cruise ship this year and those islands are part of Mallorca as we sailed towards Palma early in the morning.

For more Foregrounds, go to Carmi over at writteninc


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I was trying to get some drops on a branch yesterday, but my camera refused to give me the macro focus that I wanted. Love that one, also, the last shot is brilliant.

Bob Scotney said...

Come to think of it I have a buddleia shot with 2 butterflies on it that would have met the theme.
that last shot is superb.

Michèle Dextras said...

beautiful photos Gilly, nice to be reminded of summer flowers during our first snowstorm!

Karen S. said...

Gilly, absolutely stunning photos every single one, they are the kind that make a person want to see more!

Alexia said...

These are so beautiful, Gilly. The last one is very good, and the island is cleverly framed. I also really like the white flower against the clouds - stunning!

sister AE said...

I particularly like the water-on-the-leaf picture.

Kelsea said...

Beautiful photos! I cannot get over that fourth photo, it's incredible!