Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Out and about at night?    Then take your camera, and see what surprises you.    Then post HERE and see what others have in the dark and mysterious, or just ordinary, dark!     I feel sure Carmi's challenge will have lots of different ways of interpretation!

It was a bit difficult for me, as I don't go out at night!   Can't see in the dark, apt to fall over, and I won't drive at night.   So I opened the back door and just shot what I could see in the light from the house!   Oh, and one friendly indoor shot!

The top of an arch covered with honeysuckle.   Lovely in the summer!   The "moon" are rain splashes, it was belting down!

Our weeping willow tree, I was surprised how the little white furry buds shone in the light.

A little side light which gives a pleasant glow in the corner.

Do go to the link above and see what others have found at night.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Data:  facts and statistics gathered together for reference or analysis  (Oxford English Dictionary)

Oh gosh yes!   I remember files (and endless filing!) and all the paraphernalia that we kept our records in pre-technical times!   Carmi over at writteninc. has posted a pic of a lovely old reference book, complete with little tabs for finding things more easily.   Usually, the tabs fell off!!

I can't do as good as that, but I did sort some data out.

My old files - bank statements, pay sheets, you name it, its there!

Birth Marriages and deaths are probably the most common data collected.   But by my church, its all there, inscribed on stone!

And then there's the phone book, fill of information, though quite how you'd analyse it, I'm not sure.

Call in at the link above and see what other data you can collect - and post your pics, too.