Tuesday, 27 October 2015


I had a quick look at Carmi's writteninc Blog before I went out with the dog, took my camera with me, but it was too windy to find anything small on the flowers or in the park!    However, a couple of months ago I was tracking bees and other insects round the plants on our patio, so here are some results!

The bees loved my Echinaceas, which I grew in a big pot.   They have been trqansplanted to the garden now, so I hgope they flourish just as well!

Another bee, another echinacea.

Different sort of bee on a helenium.   "Thunder" tells me its a bee fly - disguised to look like a bee, but has only two wings.   He's good at info like that!   Thanks, Thunder!

I know I've posted this before, but you can't get much smaller than this tiny micro moth, the wings are about 4 or 5 mm long!

And I hope you are not eating your breakfast as you see this!   This snail was methodically climbing up my pink lobelia and munching all the flowers, leave, the lot!   I am not fond of snails!

Go to the link above and see what others have found of a small size!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


My favourite season!   I love the colours of the trees, and even plants turn yellow and orange.    A lovely frosty, sunny morning, and I long to walk in the beechwoods where we used to live over 20 years ago now!   Still, there is plenty round here once the season gets going.

Cotoneaster berries on a self-seeded bush down the end of our garden.    Very welcome to stay!

The Chinese Rowan tree I found in our garden as a tiny seedling, which, with a bit of TLC has grown very big and beautiful.   The yellow tree in the background is a silver birch.

Fallen leaves in the park.

To see what glorious autumns others have posted, go to writteninc - or post some of your own!

If you visit, do leave a comment, I have been without the internet for so long I have missed you all!

Thursday, 8 October 2015


Having at last got my internet back, by the route, after 6 long weeks, of a new router (sorry for pun!) I can join in again with the fun of Thematic Photography!

So a quick look through my archives, and I came up with this one, from the top of the cathedral in Gran Canaria.   I think you might have seen it before, but never mind!

And this one is from the top of the  Great Orme Llandudno, North Wales.   Gorgeous sunny day, but a bitter east wind, so we didn't stay long up there!