Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Carmi, over at Writteninc. has chosen FROZEN for the title of his challenge this week.   Considering the state of the weather today in the UK, any picture of me taking the dog for a walk would do!   However, I have come up with some more conventional pics.

You can see what others have done by following this link

I always wonder why ducks' feet don't get cold!

The two swans had got marooned in a small pool in the ice!   It wasn't very thick, but they didn't seem to know how to act as ice-breakers!   (They got out eventually)

And a change of subject - my middle drawer in my Freezer!   Not very tidy, I'm afraid!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Chaos in Greek mythology was, quite simply, darkness, a void.    From there eventually came earth, more darkness and all the trouble between the Greek Gods!   

However, we are not going there!   The modern sense is anything disordered, formless, and quite often, very untidy.  Carmi's Challenge this week is CHAOS.   I thought about our spare room, but ultimately came up with these!

Stalls at Leek (Staffs) Flea Market can be totally chaotic

Costume jewellery needs a sort out!

Button jars can be useful  and fascinating for visiting small children!    But chaos if you are trying to find a particular button!

For more interpretations of Chaos, follow the link above and see what others have done!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


We used to play Animal, vegetable or mineral when I was younger, but Carmi's challenge this week is VEGETABLE..   Well, Vegetative to be precise.   

So I have delved deep into my archives, and also got my camera out, and come up with the following........

Market at Stavanger, Norway

My Tuna salad in  Funchal, Madeira   (Mr.G had an omelette, top LH corner!)

What Tesco's brought yesterday morning!

A very lovely tight cauliflower!