Tuesday, 28 August 2012



Carmi's Photographic Challenge this week is PARALLEL.   My parallel world is below, but follow the link for more parallel thoughts!

Park railings and their reflection make a good pattern.

Stacked woodblocks.   Easy when you know, but it puzzled quite a few people!


Park railings again, this time round the Children’s playground.   The yellow is the gate.   Its enormously popular, especially if the weather is fine.

And lastly, the fencing at the back of our garden.   We back onto a public Park and our wooden lapped fencing, and our gate were kicked in and pulled down one summer, about 4 years ago now.   We decided chainlink fencing was necessary, (though we could have got a stronger one, we were a bit mislead by the builder who did it) but we needed something more substantial to stop people staring in, especially in winter.   There is a very popular dog walking route right past our garden!   What we are using now is bracken stems, its very tough, a nice brown colour and you can’t see very much through it.    In summer there is a lot of vegetation, ferns, and shrubs  on our side of the fence, but it all dies down in winter.

You probably think this is too much information!   Well, enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012



“Rear view” photos are often a lot more interesting than front view!   My efforts for Carmi's challenge this week are here.     For more rear view photos just follow the link.


“Lovely view, but the wind ain’t half cold up here!”



Trees can cut us down to size, sometimes!


The back view of the leaves of the Hearts Tongue Fern



Underneath a Cosmos flower

Tuesday, 14 August 2012



Well, over here in the UK we have had plenty of grey skies, but I can’t imagine we want to see any more of those for Carmi's current Challenge, which this week is GREY.

A grey sky, on the other hand makes for grey reflections in the Lake in our Park.



Shadows on our fence.   The wood has matured to a lovely silvery colour.


Grey rope on an old greyish table


And lastly, the mosaic patterns on a pedestrian square in Lisbon.   It is, of course, perfectly flat, but looking at that wavy pattern made me feel a bit sea-sick!

None of these photos has been taken in Black and White mode.   They are all truly GREY!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Carmi's theme this week is CLOUDS.   To see some wonderful cloud pictures, just follow this link

This photo was taken in Anglesey – the clouds were very threatening, and we just got back to the car before the rains fell!


Looking across the Menai Straits to Snowdonia, the clouds bubbled up over the mountains.

A typical summer day in Britain – sunny, but with the possibility of a short shower.   Wish it was like that now – we have unrelenting grey, with wind and rain.   It looks positively Autumnal out there today, and its only August 1st!