Tuesday, 18 October 2016


To everyone's delight, Thematic Photography has returned, with the subject of SCREENS.

Now there are screens and screens, and I'm sure Carmi and others will think of all the screens we use every day - Phone, tablet, laptop, home PC, TV, and I'm sure there are more.   So I took photos of Screens - on my screen!   Just to be different!

The two above are just a tiny selection of the loads I found on Pinterest.

 But two of my favourites are the Italian painted leather one above, and the Japanese one below.   I reckon in the draughty houses of years past, a screen was a vital necessity if you didn't want a nasty cold wind down your back!   Even in my childhood home, where we had no central heating , we could have done with a screen or two, as each time the living room door was opened, an icy blast came in!!    Oh, the chilblains I suffered from!

To see more screens, go to Carmi ans see what others have come up with.   And post your own!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


So much of life seems to be disposable nowadays, whereas long ago we would try and mend things, make them do, use them for something else.   Not just throw them away.

So I try to recycle as much as I can.   At least those old paper carrier bags, plastic bottles and cardboard cereal packets can be used to make something else.

For the Thematic Photography this week the theme is DISPOSABLE.   So here are things I dispose of but try to recycle.   Apart from the wipes, of course, they go in the really and truly disposable bin!   

Our recycling bin!

The paper sacks Tesco deliver my fruit and veg in - and urge us to recycle!

They have to be thrown away, but oh! so useful!

Go to the link above to see what other people dispose of - and post your own!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


A nice simple subject this week!    Street signs are everywhere, we probably only see them almost unconsciously, but they can be found all over the world!

A good, clear sign.   You see this on the road in the Arctic, you know what to expect!   And you had better look out, those females have BIG antlers!

Flea markets are fun!   You wanna buy a one-man band?   Table and chairs? a No Entry sign?    To you?   A fiver, sir.   Good condition, hardly used.   No?   A tenner for the band AND the No Entry sign?   Done!   You're a Gent!

Go over to writteninc. to see more Street Signs, or post yours!

Thursday, 25 August 2016


There is something about an empty chair that can get us wondering.   Who sits there?   Have they just gone, just coming or what?    Over on thematic photography Carmi muses about a single seat, and invites us to post our seating photographs.

I took the following photographs when we visited Mallorca a couple of years ago.   It was the shadows and the unusual canopy that first intrigued me, and I wondered what on earth was going on.   When we came back along the other side, I could see that rows of chairs were being put out fora concert that evening.   The whole set up was fascinating, especially the shadows made by the canopy, and the rows of empty seats, except for the man doing all the hard work!

From above the shadows and canopy made lovely patterns

But from the other side I could see what was going on!

Go to the link above to see the seating plans of others - and post your own!

Thursday, 18 August 2016


It has been said that the best place to hide something is in plain sight.   Apparently people (and that means us!) don't see much that is staring us in the face, especially if we are not expecting to see it.

So for this week's Thematic Photography we are interpreting the theme HIDDEN.    Camouflage has always followed the line of that people don't see what they are not expecting, so I have tried to take photographs along this line! 

The pond at the bottom of our garden is well hidden anyway........

.........but the frog sitting perfectly still on the stone could easily be mistaken for a leaf.

Four sparrows are fairly easily visible, but they love hiding in the privet hedge.   I can only see them when they move or fly out.   If you look hard you can just see one eye looking at you in the top left hand corner!

There is a bee on these heleniums, its only because his wings are catching the light that he can be seen.

And who knows what treasures might be hidden on this stall at the Flea Market in Leek, Staffordshire?

And lastly, how many tourists would notice the beggar on the left hand side of the old gateway?   (The one on the right in a blue sweater is my husband!)

Do go to the link above to find more hidden items!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


For this week's theme over at writteninc, Carmi has chosen REFLECTIVE.   Reflections, and being reflective, can often give us another view on life.   Or we can just enjoy watching the water, or ourselves in a mirror, or whatever!

I love watching water, and seeing how the light is broken up by disturbances, or the wind across a lake.

He's paddling like mad with his feet - breaking up the water round him into little bits of reflected light.

A lovely calm day by the lake in our park

Another park shot.   The purple bits are actually reflections of a Rhododendron bush above the water.   Somewhere in there is a coot's nest, but it is exceedingly well hidden!

Go over to the link above to see what reflective thoughts others have come up with!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Trademarks, Logos, whatever!   Some are simple and effective, some have been going for so long we don't really see them.    Not sure about the difference between a registered trademark and a logo, but I am sure if we started using someone else's, we'd soon find out!

Thematic Photography for this week is trademarks.   I couldn't get out with my camera, so went round the house, and found the following.

The charity British Heart Foundation.   Lovely and simple!

The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, in London.   Another really simple logo that says it all.

Sail away with Princess Cruises, presumably the blue wiggly bits are waves!

Says it all, I think.

Not too sure what that shape indicates!

Yes, OK, we get it!   And probably get what you pay for, as the saying goes.

Now this last one dates from 70 years ago!   Bob might recognise it.   Its the Utility sign.   During WWII in Britain, materials and goods were in short supply, and clothing, furniture and household goods were produced to a basic standard of quality, and with restricted patterns.   But it was fairly good quality, even so, we had a sort of fireside chair at home that lasted many years.   To read about it, go here.   And if you are in the UK this year, I can really recommend the "Fashion on the Ration" exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North, in Manchester.   It really is superb.

To see more trademarks and logos, go over to Carmi and see what others have found