Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Its all things ORANGE over at Thematic Photography this week.   Carmi has started us off with some multicoloured carrots, but there are other things orange around!

Go to the link above to see how orange is shaping the world of others!

A nice bright orange tulip cheers me up in the early Spring!

Terracotta pots at the Garden Centre.    They look awfully bright when I first put them in the garden, but luckily they soon get dirty!

Sometimes we do have decent sunrises!   This is looking from the back of our house.

And you can't get more vibrant than a good orange nasturtium!

As for Carmi's carrots, does anyone know if they stay purple or white when they are cooked??   Not sure if I fancy a purple carrot!


Michèle Dextras said...

Hi Gilly, lovely flowers and you sunrise behind your home is spectacular. As to the multi-coloured carrots, I think I cooked some once and my récollection is that the water changed colours, rather murky and the carrots retained their colour. I don't remember them tasting particularly different, so for me, not worth the extra money.

Bob Scotney said...

they keep their colour if a little paler. Thanks for warning me of primula - not a pansy. No fear of mistaking yours.

Trish Marshall said...

Beautiful colours in your orange photos. The sunrise is particularly stunning. Yes, purple carrots end up more orange when cooked but the water is very purple.