Tuesday, 28 August 2012



Carmi's Photographic Challenge this week is PARALLEL.   My parallel world is below, but follow the link for more parallel thoughts!

Park railings and their reflection make a good pattern.

Stacked woodblocks.   Easy when you know, but it puzzled quite a few people!


Park railings again, this time round the Children’s playground.   The yellow is the gate.   Its enormously popular, especially if the weather is fine.

And lastly, the fencing at the back of our garden.   We back onto a public Park and our wooden lapped fencing, and our gate were kicked in and pulled down one summer, about 4 years ago now.   We decided chainlink fencing was necessary, (though we could have got a stronger one, we were a bit mislead by the builder who did it) but we needed something more substantial to stop people staring in, especially in winter.   There is a very popular dog walking route right past our garden!   What we are using now is bracken stems, its very tough, a nice brown colour and you can’t see very much through it.    In summer there is a lot of vegetation, ferns, and shrubs  on our side of the fence, but it all dies down in winter.

You probably think this is too much information!   Well, enjoy the photos!


Karen S. said...

Hooray for your Cirque du Soleil of parallels! I especially like the Jenga! We have three sets handy at the get go. Even one in the travel trailer, (for those rainy days!) and a mini-set is that ever fun! Sometimes the kids make other things out of them, but the game is fun too! For all ages! You totally captured them, I almost mistook it for something else!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Love the clean lines! Good examples

Bob Scotney said...

The reflection of the parallels in the park railings is superb. Your wooden blocks made me think of the parallels in a parquet floor.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I love the geese and the reflection.

(Of course, I'm a sucker for wildlife photography.)


Magaly Guerrero said...

I LOVE the reflection in the first photo. And the birds, I have a thing for birds *sigh*

The wood is lovely, too. The difference in textures, colors and angles...

Carmi Levy said...

What a great exploration of the abstractness of parallel forms. Your composition is, as always, spot on, resulting in images that burn into the brain. Gorgeously shot.

Rita said...

Love the reflections in that first shot. Wonder.

Great shots all and so right for the theme.

May I suggest that you go back and link up this post to both the Friday Fence meme and the Weekend Reflections meme. I believe that are both still open for this week and your post is perfect for both of them.

Here are the links:

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Lisa Shafer said...

Really good.
That reflection pic is superb!

Alexia said...

Thank you - I DID enjoy them, very much. The ducks/railings one is perfect, and I love the colours in the woodblocks.
Great shots.

cactus petunia said...

These are beautiful! And when I scrolled down the page to your last post, there were plenty more parallel lines there, too. Now I'm seeing them EVERYWHERE!

Gilly's Camera said...


Gilly they are glorious, just lovely.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

my favorite is the reflection of the wrought iron fence...with the geese!! OH and the stacked wood is cool too!

great parallels!

sister AE said...

I like the way the wood grain lines up in those blocks.

Your fence reminds me of the one around my yard when I was a kid. We had to slide wooden slats down through the chainlinks. That was a task that quickly grew tedious.

Max Sartin said...

Great set of pictures, I really like the stacked wood with parallel rings of grain.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Great photos Gilly! My favourite's the pic of your husband walking the hill path. The railings and reflection is really impressive. x