Thursday, 30 June 2011


Carmi's Photographic challenge this week is ROUGH

A really rough day off the north of Scotland, taken through our cabin window on a cruise holiday last year! The storm force 9 winds lasted so long, and the ship pitched and rolled so much, that many people had a really rough time of it!

And just to show how much the ship was pitching and rolling, this is a pic of the swimming pool on board!

But this one was taken on a peaceful summer day! The silvery grey of the wood and bark grabbed my attention. It is almost like a black and white photo - but it isn't!


A Paperback Writer Photos said...

North of Scotland?? Where? Near Orkney?
I'm a huge Scotophile.
Thanks for sharing your pics.

Bob Scotney said...

Cruising off the north of Scotland? It always looked too rough for me when flying over the area to a offshore oil rig.
Looking at the swimming pool would have made me seasick.

Carmi said...

Oh my goodness, the shipboard photos stopped me in my tracks! I would have needed a truckload of anti-nausea meds just to make it across :)

The wood is such a peaceful antidote to the sea-borne drama. Great variety here...and thanks for having the foresight to grab the pics on the ship. I probably would have been too focused on holding on for dear life :)

Mustang Sally said...

Wow, the water in the pool is telling isn't it. It's hard to tell with photos of rough seas just how rough they are unless there something in there for scale or reference. The pool provides that nicely here. Great set.