Thursday, 6 October 2011


Carmi's Challenge this week is SIGNS OF AUTUMN. I can't compete with the wonderful colours in North America, and our trees haven't started to colour up yet, but we do have BERRIES!

Chinese Rowan berries in our garden. I found this tree as a seedling, and it is now about 15 feet high and flourishing.

Cotoneaster horizontalis - also in our garden

Another sort of Cotoneaster.

Hypericum - our garden as well!

Ripening crab apples in the park behind our house. When they fall, the Blackbirds love them.

This is one I took earlier - last year in fact. A Hazel tree in the park

And lastly, we've had very high winds lately, and a lot of leaves are falling without going a decent colour, just brown, so we have plenty of these!


Max said...

Beautiful shots of berries and leaves. Especially that first one, the brilliant red of those berries.

Bob Scotney said...

I've picked our apples today, the ones the blackbirds hadn't already started on. Cotoneaster and pyracantha are loaded with berries as well, I just wonder where the squirrels find the acorns they bury in our lawn as there isn't an oak within half a mile. Fine pictures Gilly.

Alexia said...

Lovely colourful berries! Those dead leaves are rather mournful, though - good pictures :)

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

whoa! what's going on with that last image?

Limar said...

Absolutely lovely pictures! Love the last one :)

Carmi said...

The berries are delightful! The color just grabs me!

Coincidentally, the house where I grew up had a crabapple tree in the back yard. My parents loved having trees that grew stuff: apples, pears, name it and they planted it. The crabapple tree was something of an ignored stepchild, for some reason, shunted off to the corner of the yard, ignored to the point of death. Or so we thought, as it rebounded the next year and became a monster by the time I moved out.

I love that trees can be such powerful memories for us. And I love that you've shared this as part of the theme. Beautiful!