Sunday, 12 February 2012


This, I know, is not a brilliant photograph, but it was taken in 1941 by my father, and that is the rations for one person for one week!

That's right, a few ounces of margarine (and it wasn't very nice tasting!) very few ounces of butter, a cup of sugar, and that meat is, I think stewing meat, you bought it by price, you were allowed, say one shillings worth of meat per week, which would buy enough stewing steak for a couple of meals, filled out with veg, or a minute bit of frying steak, if you were so inclined. Up to you what you ate from the veg basket for the rest of the week!

Tea was rationed, used tea leaves were dried and used again, bacon was about two rashers per week per person, cheese was rationed, not a very big bit, something like 2 ounces.

How my mother managed to feed a family of four, but she did, as did thousands of others.

Well, you had to. Food was in short supply, unless you could grow your own veggies, which we did, or buy on the black market, which loads of people did if they had the money.

Just thought I'd show you! Since Carmi's challenge is GROCERIES


Bob Scotney said...

I couldn't get your link to work, Gilly. Got here by your profile page.

Thank goodness we had dogs who caught us rabbits to supplement the meat ration!

Karen S. said...

Wow, this was great, I too wasn't able to get it before...but it works now! Great grocery post!