Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Carmi's Photographic Challenge this week is MIRROR, MIRROR

This mirror was not on the wall, but by the waterside at Stavanger, in Norway. It was HUGE, and slightly tilted, and also perfectly flat, which gave a weird sensation as you first came upon it. I was fascinated and would have liked to stay there and take more photographs, but Mr.G wanted to move on, so I only got this shot.

These are actually windows, acting as mirrors, and distorting the buildings across the road from the College to look like strange squashed houses!

But don't we all look in mirrors, hoping to see a different, more attractive perspective?


Bob Scotney said...

I lived and worked in Stavanger for 10 years from 1979. If that college building is there as well, it must be new. I certainly don't recognise any of the buildings in the reflection.
The first picture is superb.

Lisa Shafer said...

Oh, that top one is a really interesting shot! Well done.

Max Sartin said...

I always like the look of older buildings reflected in the windows of big glass ones. By my house there is one that always reflects the sky, that's cool too. nice photos!

Karen S. said...

Stunning! I think, no I know that my favorite buildings are the ones being reflected! I'm ready for the water as well! What a great shot, brings me right out there!