Thursday, 15 November 2012


Carmi's theme this week is Windows

so, as they say, "Here's looking at you!"

View from one of the many windows at The Glasshouse at RHS Wisley. Beautiful place, the Glasshouse houses tropical, temperate, wet and dry plants, and looks out over the lake.

These funny wooden windows are on the black and white church at Marton, in Cheshire. The church has a wood tower and spire, and these windows are right up in the bell chamber.

Reflections in the windows of Macclesfield College.

One of the magnificent windows we saw in Gran Canaria, Spain (Canary Islands)

Also this lovely Art Deco window overlooking the Cathedral Square, in Gran Canairia


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Those are all very nice.

I'm particularly fond of the Art Deco windows from the Canary Islands.

The name Islas Canarias is likely derived from the Latin name Canariae Insulae, meaning "Island of the Dogs", a name applied originally only to Gran Canaria. According to the historian Pliny the Elder, the Mauritanian king Juba II named the island Canaria because it contained "vast multitudes of dogs of very large size".

Thanks, wikipedia! You learn something new everyday.

Lisa Shafer said...

That round window is fun, but I think I find your first shot the most appealing. Nice choices.

Janet said...

I'm a little chilly right now, so the first shot warmed me up, it looked so tropical :-)

Karen S. said...

Oh gees what a great group of window photos too! I especially (well like them all) but of course any and all reflection photos rank top on my list!

Bob Scotney said...

Is it my imagination but has the Macclesfield shop elongated the ref;ections?
Now I off to see if I can find a photo of that Marton church.

Max Sartin said...

Some intricate windows you found there, awesome shots.

Kiwi Nomad said...

I love the curves in that first window- quite seductive. But then the wood in the second shot transports me back in time, and I love the shapes. What an interesting selection of windows.