Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Great challenge this week, from CARMI who has selected GROWN as his title.   So I came up with the following:

Chinthurst Lodge, in Surrey, opened their gardens when I was down there for a visit.   The vegetable garden was well guarded by this fellow who seemed to have grown out of the ground!

These carrots were actually photographed in Norway, but I bet the carrots from the garden above looked equally well-grown!

 Every year our rose bush produces firstly, pink leaves as they open out in the Spring, secondly, lovely pink flowers in the early summer and lastly, these gorgeous rose hips.

Grown up?   Not yet, but growing!   My great-granddaughter is a feisty little girl and scooted her way around the Skate Park, regardless of the big grown up boys there!

Follow the link above to see other "Grown" photographs!


Michèle Dextras said...

Wonderful photos. Your great-granddaught looks as if she is full of life! And now I know what rose hip is!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Those are great, Gilly.

Do you do anything with the rose hips?

Bob Scotney said...

A scarecrow that looks like a scarecrow - better than many in our village's recent competition.
The rose hips look rather like large red currants.
It won;t be long before the big boys are following your great-great grand daughter around.

Karen S. said...

She's adorable! Great photos all of them, and funny that you put Mr. Darling Scarecrow up because I am planning on adding a couple more to my yard! He's perfect!