Tuesday, 15 October 2013


For an unusual take on Streetscapes, go toCarmi, over at writteninc and see his and other interesting photographs taken in City and town surroundings.

I live in a rather hilly town on the edge of the Peak District in the UK.   Most streets have some sort of a view of the hills, but today it was very misty, so there was no view!

This is taken from just inside the park.   None of those houses has a car parking space
  hence the cars parked right down the road.   It is also grey bin collecting day!

 This is the front of the cream houses and the back gates in the brick walls of the next 6 or so houses.   They were all built in the Victorian or Edwardian times

Another country!   Tromso in Norway, way, way above the Arctic Circle.   This is in June.

Dreary doesn't really describe this.   Its Longyearbyen, in Svalbard (Spitzbergen)   Well into the Arctic north - 78 degrees north if I remember rightly.   Just imagine what it is like covered in snow and no sun for 4 or 5 months!

Again in Norway, in Bergen.   One of the tiny little alleyways which squeeze between the big houses on the harbour-side    This one opened out into a little square, and had a very welcome coffee shop there!


Karen S. said...

Gilly what beautiful photos! I could write a poem or even an intriguing shirt story to go along with them all! Great Streetscapes !

Alexia said...

Fantastic photos, Gilly. That Norwegian scene looks unreal!

(Waiting eagerly for Karen's shirt story... ;)

Bob Scotney said...

Your Norwegian shots brought back memories of my visits there in the 1980s. Those Bergen streets were beautiful and I can taste the pickled herring still.

Michèle Dextras said...

Wonderful photos Gilly! I love the quiet stately look of the British streetscapes, so civilized!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

If I lived above the Arctic circle, I'd want a bright red house, too.

Nice pictures, Gilly!

Aunt Snow said...

You make me miss Norway! We lived there for three months in 1990. In the WINTER!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I'm sure there's some dirt in those streetscapes somewhere, Gilly.


P.S. The trees around our house in West Virginia are primarily maple, oak, and ash.