Wednesday, 18 December 2013


  Trees are always interesting, whatever the weather or season.  Carmi, over at writteninc has challenged us to produce photographs of treetops.   Follow the link above to see what others have done.

 Misty mornings can make interesting shapes.

Frangipani tree tops in Maderia were absolutely lovely, so delicate against the sky.

But British Autumn trees can put on an equally beautiful show!

Snow really brings out the shapes and patterns the branches make.

This once had a top, a beautiful beech, but the Council, who are in charge of our Park, in their wisdom, cut off the top of the tree.  I can understand cutting the tree down if it was dangerous (Health and Safety, you know!) but why leave such  a tall stump?

 They did this to several trees.  Some of them were carved into bird shapes by a gent with a chain saw.

And just to  prove to Thunder that he is not the only one to have birds, these two Bullfinches enjoyed the nyjer seed in our feeder.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You got me!

I love them.

P.S. Bob Scotney has some birdies, too.

jessbrady1035 said...

Gilly - these are wonderful. I love the misty morning shot. It feels very mysterious!

Karen S. said...

Magical captures, all of them. but if I could transport myself anywhere for a moment, I'd really enjoy a walk all around your photo one! Yes, my dogs and I would have a marvelous day out there!

Alexia said...

These are all so good, Gilly. I just love trees, and these are all beautiful in different ways. \Thank you.

Bob Scotney said...

Your birdies are more colourful than mine.
They have left the stump because even in pieces it would still be to heavy for them to lift (H&S again).

Michèle Dextras said...

Beautiful colours in your photos Gilly! I love that you have photos from all seasons!