Tuesday, 10 March 2015


With Spring in the air, and the country getting greener, we start thinking about getting out, maybe over the hills and far away!   Carmi has asked us to publish all things to do with roads, over at writteninc.    Follow the link to see what other thoroughfares, distant roads and travels others have posted.

 We don't get as much snow as our Canadian friends and fellow posters, but this year Mr.G had to clear our drive before we could even think about hitting the road!

This bridge is somewhere between Le Havre and Rouen, in Normandy, France.   It was taken from the coach we were using for our excursion.

Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway.   Rather dreary even in summer - in winter it would be entirely covered with snow, being at latitude 78 degrees north!

Part of a very winding road in the northern part of Tenerife, in the Canaries.   Some of the little villages on the coast were extremely isolated, even with new roads like this one.   I did wonder how they had communicated with the rest of the Island before the island had opened up for tourism and built better roads.   Must have been a very 'closed-in' sort of life!

Not the best photograph I  have ever taken, but this street in Dublin is the famous O'Connell Street, with The Spire  (affectionately known at The Spike) in the distance.   O'Connell Street featured in many of the stand-offs and battles during the Troubles.

And lastly, a little country lane near where we live.   The only wheeled traffic using it now is from the farm a mile or so further along, but it is a footpath, linking with various walks in Teggs Nose Country Park.   Wellies or waterproof boots are recommended during wet periods!

Do leave a comment if you visit here - I love to know who has been!


Karen S. said...

Oh my goodness what a fine collection of great places to be hitting the road, especially the lovely bridge as well. I know that feeling about clearing the snow before being able to hit the road too!

Karen S. said...

Your last photo I forgot to mention, so peaceful and quaint, what a wonderful road to take!

Alexia said...

An intriguing collection of roads - I hope the roads you travel get more spring-y soon!

Catherine said...

Nice to travel with you! That road in Tenerife doesn't seem all that windy, by New Zealand standards.

Nicola SeaThreePeeO Carpenter said...

What a wonderful collection of routes and roads. Fantastic pictures.

Bob Scotney said...

Glad we did not get as much snow as you even although I have a snow shovel.
Your country lane is the one I'd follow - on foot of course.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Cool collection of roads, Gilly!

Trish Marshall said...

Great selection of different roadways!