Tuesday, 14 July 2015

THE CAMERA (or in this case, cameras)

Now this one was a bit tricky!     The usual weekly Thematic challenge was to take photos of our cameras.

Now, I have one camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8.   If pushed, my phone, which I've had a long time, will take a photo, but to get it onto my computer and so into my photographic files, I have to send it as an email to myself.   And that costs, and its not a brilliant photo anyway.

So I thought I would show you some of Mr.G's collection of old cameras.   He has actually stopped (well, more or less) collecting them now, but doesn't really want to get rid of them.

The shots are not great, its a difficult spot to take them from. 

The oldest cameras are on the lower shelves, and the real oldies at ground level.   I'm afraid I cannot get down there - or if I did I'd never get up again!

The oldest camera is probably this Voigtlander.    It will do a lot, if you can fiddle with the controls!

 My first camera was a little Box Brownie, 127 film, 8 exposures, fixed focus.   My Father taught me - in those days forget taking multiple shots, you carefully composed your shot, steadied your camera and squeeeezed the shutter very carefully.   then you wound on ready for the next shot.

Then I moved on to the bigger box Brownies, similar to that lovely blue one.   120 film, 8 bigger pictures.   Same principles.   My father stuck to his Rolleiflex camera all his life, and took some fantastic stuff with it, winning prizes, exhibiting - he really was a talented photographer.

I moved through various better versions of box cameras, and when I got married, Mr.G gave me his Agfa Isolette, as he was getting himself a newer camera.   This is actually the story of my camera ownership.   He gets a new one and passes on to me what he doesn't want!!   The Agfa was a great camera, still the same principles, but I was pretty nifty at composition, and did quite a bit of press work, as I illustrated my own local reportage!

Now of course, it is all digital, lots of angles, multiple shots, move in, move out.   I often wonder what my Dad would have made of it all.   And as for PhotoShop!   He did all his own developing, printing, enlarging, mounting etc. etc.   I used to help him; like I said, he taught me a lot!

Go to the link above, I'm sure there will be more interesting cameras on show!


Karen S. said...

Gilly what a fine collection this is! I never had a real Brownie until recently I picked one up at auction and of course it doesn't work, yet anyway! I have a few oldies too, but nothing like this collection which would be wonderful for museums or even taking it on the road to share with school children who have never seen such interesting cameras!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

That's a great collection! I wouldn't want to part with it either, Gilly.

Alexia said...

That's a fascinating post, Gilly! I had an old box Brownie too, and then various cheap ones; my first 'good' camera was a Pentax, and I loved it.
Thanks for showing us these.

Bob Scotney said...

You have a camera museum of your own. Fascinating.
Pleased to see you use a Lumix too. I still haven't found how to get a photo off my phone.