Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Signs are meant to inform us or instruct us, tell us which way to go, or not go, do or not do, or just to tell us someone is here and would like your custom!   Sometimes, that is hard to believe!    Particularly some of the very large ones at road junctions - and sat nav is not always to be trusted!!

Carmi, over at writteninc. would like us, and you, to look out for signs this week.   Follow the link to see what signs others have come up with, and I bet there will be some wacky ones, meanwhile, this is what I can find in a brief visit to my town.

A mostly moving sign, telling us what they do.   If it hasn't gone past before you have taken it all in!

A nice clear, informative sign.   Except it doesn't say where the pay machines are!

A really friendly sign, outside our local organic food shop.   And very splendid it is too!

The other side tells you some of what is in there!

A sign designed to be read from the other side!

A very tall sign, not terribly helpful, as there are times when vehicles can go down the Market Place.   And can you see the very small sign that
 adds that alcohol is not permitted in that area?   No, neither could I!

And then there are teeny weeny signs means for a limited number of people to see.   Presumably an electrician would know what an earth rod is and why he would want to find it?   This is set in the pavement, very inconspicuously!

That's my set of signs!  Do let me know if you have visited!   And go to the link above to see the signs of others!


Bob Scotney said...

I have a beef at signs so high up that you have no chance of reading them - no wonder they get ignored. I still trying to read the one from the inside looking out.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

That is a fine collection, Gilly.

I missed it, didn't get my act together in time for this one.