Thursday, 15 December 2011


Carmi's theme this week is THE ONE

Wags was the only dog for me, and I was "her" human. Everyone else was just tolerated. I was guarded, accompanied, and generally looked after all the time. She was a beautiful dog, a Border Collie/Springer Spaniel cross and when she died I broke my heart. We've had other dogs since then, but I vowed never to give my heart to one again.

Here she is sitting by the Village Pond, knows she is the greatest, but modest with it!

Well, this gull knew he was the one, sitting on a handy perch in the middle of Windermere. And he was going to keep it and repel all boarders!


Bob Scotney said...

A lovely dog; I love them all. To the gull there is only one thing to say, 'Come in number 6, your times up!'

Alexia said...

Lovely shots - the dog is gorgeous.
When I saw this theme I too looked for pics of my "one" dog - but he was pre-digital camera, and the only ones I have are from when he was old, looking gaunt and sad after a bowel cancer operation. Can't post that one!
I've loved all of my dogs, but he was special.