Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Carmi's Challenge this week is THE STRANGER AMONG US. My two Strangers are here!

Who is she, that old woman in the mirror? Oh no! do I look like that? I don't see myself so old, so grumpy. She's a stranger to me!

What does he see, as he stands alone
Guarding the peas and salads?
His eyes are felt, and his hands are straw
And a felted bird sits on his head.
We laugh as we pass along the paths
Admiring the gardens so carefully tended.
But look again at his impassive face
A felt- and straw-made man.
An uncomfortable thought passes through my head
What does he do at night?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

LOL,this is too funny.. Love your sense of humor!!

Little Nell said...

Great idea and I do like your poem.

Alexia said...

Funny pics, and a great take on the theme! I avoid looking at myself in the mirror - I don't recognise that person! :)