Thursday, 13 March 2014


When we walk around, especially around towns. we tend to look down, or straight ahead if you are not afraid of stumbling!    And we miss lots of interesting sights, and great photo shots.

Carmi, over at written inc has challenged us to Look Up!    He, over in Toronto, has many more 'up' than I can find, but below are my results of Looking Up!

The balconies on Barcelona apartments made an interesting pattern

We stood on the top deck of our cruise liner, wondering if it was going to squeeze under the bridge at Lisbon

But it did!

I've posted this before, but its one of my better 'Look Up' shots, so I've put it in again!

The Clock Tower over the entrance to Leek Butter Market stands guard over the outdoor market as well.   (Leek is in Staffordshire, for those that find it an odd name!)

And finally, across the road from Macclesfield Library is an old house with a fascinating arched window, and four stories in the adjoining building.   I think those tiny windows at the top would be maybe nurseries or the servant's quarters when they were built.   Not sure of the age bu the architecture looks Georgian.

Go to the link at the top, to see what others have found 'Looking Way Up'.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

That's a great sequence with the cruise liner, Gilly. I wonder if they have to watch the tides to make sure they squeeze under?

Alexia said...

Great shots, Gilly. I nearly put some Barcelona ones up too - isn't it a fantastic city?

I love the "Will it fit?" pair - really good!

Bob Scotney said...

I've found some bridge and pylon shots since posting mine but none as good as the ones you've shown. Cruise ship shots are the tops.

Karen S. said...

A ticklish situation, so happy it made it. Great photos for this theme.

Carmi Levy said...

That bridge is unreal, as is the high tension tower. I love the diversity of this set: you've taken us near and far and shown us how the simple act of looking up need not be simple at all.