Thursday, 20 March 2014


Technology doesn't have to be plugged in and switched on!   If It is "The Appliance of Science" (to coin a phrase) then, as I read it, someone theorises a scientific principle, and one of the backroom boys or girls uses it to make something we would never have thought of!   Or something like that!

I have a great admiration for the women and men who thought out ways of making their life easier by using science.   Even if they didn't know they were doing it.

So in homage to the first men and women who reckoned there must be an easier way of dragging heavy loads across rough ground than with a sled, I give you......

........the wheel!

including, of course, all the business of axles and whatnot!

And after that there was the principle of levers and springs.   Without which we would not have a great many items essential to our lives, including

The Hole Punch

And then there is all the discoveries of light, magnification, reflection, lenses and a whole bagload of stuff without which half of us wouldn't be able to see properly, our internal lives would be a mystery (just think X-rays, scans etc) and life generally would just not be as we know it!

Binoculars are quite complex enough for me!

Go over to Carmi at writteninc to see all the other technological ideas others have come up with!


Karen S. said...

You are absolutely right! I love this duck. You always delight us with your creative lens, and photos, thanks.

Bob Scotney said...

Cor, love a duck! It's the simple things we take for granted. Looking around my office is full of gadgets like your hole punch.
If all else fails - read the instruction book.

Lady Lilith said...

So true. We should learn to appreciate the little things in life.