Tuesday, 6 May 2014


As a family, I have always been in a pet-loving household.   When children, we had two cats, one of which survived being bombed with us, appearing in the morning after with his tail held high!

But strangely enough, when married, I turned into a dog person.   Though that might have had something to do with our daughter's insistent pleas for a dog!   So we got a Springer Spaniel/Border Collie Cross puppy.   (Mum, a pedigree Springer Spaniel had Got Out at the wrong time!)    Our daughter named her Wags.

Wags immediately decided she was my dog, and I know she would have defended me to the death when we went for our very early morning walks in the woods

Shed stayed with us for 13 years, until she suffered a tumour and was gently put to sleep as I stroked her head.   I broke my heart over her death, she had been a huge comfort to me at a very difficult time, and even now I find I catch my throat when I think of her.

A couple of months later we got Ben, from the local Rescue Centre.   He decided he was a Man's Dog, and really liked being with my husband best!   He adored car rides, and we think he must have been used to riding in the front passenger seat as he immediately got up there!   We managed to look under the Tippex on his medical card and found he had belonged to someone on the nearby RAF station.    He was a healthy, tough and adventurous dog whose ambition was to dig down to Australia.   We had him for 15 years, when again, old age made his life difficult, and I stroked his head once more at the last.   (Mr.G can't cope with all that!)

We had four or five dog-free years, when our arms were gently twisted emotionally to take on Max, who belonged to ex-son-in-law who was going to the USA, and wanted his two dogs to be rehomed.   Grandsons said how good it would be if Granny and Grandad would have him.

So Max came into our lives and is still with us.   I must admit to looking back on those dog-free years with longing, as Max is a very demanding dog.   Demanding, that is for food.   His life revolves around Food, Food and more Food.   As soon as I start cooking, he is there, hopeful ears up, in case something should fall on the floor.   Not only that, he has an excellent internal clock, and comes and tells me when its coffee/tea/lunch or dinner time, and GET Cooking with Food!!

Pets, who'd have 'em!   For other pet tales and photographs, go to Carmi's Thematic Photographs to see lots of other adorable pets!


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Our house started as all cats (plus fish, and rabbits, and parakeets, and anything I caught and brought home with me).

But we eventually turned into a mainly doggie family. It's all good!

And your last photo of Max proves it, Gilly...no matter how much he loves food.

Bob Scotney said...

Four gorgeous dogs. Who said they are just dumb animals - they obviously hadn't owned one.

Karen S. said...

Mine too! When I grew up we only had a dog, and only one at a time. But my own house and family with my children gave me a chance to add so much more. All your precious pets are adorable here, even the two legged one! Hehehe!

sister AE said...

They all look like sweethearts!