Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Trees are so important to our landscapes, but sometimes we only notice they are there when they are gone, so to speak.   But trees age, and eventually will die, and if they are left to lie where they fell, will provide food and homes for countless insects and other animals.

So when we fell trees, and only when we must, then we should plant a tree to replace it.   Perhaps not right where the old one was, but somewhere beneficial!

Trees and Branches are Carmi's challenge to us this week, so here are mine.   I had a hard time choosing, as I love photographing trees, but decided these made the grade!

This tree, which I suspect is actually from one trunk, having been coppiced hard in its youth, is one of the many willow species.   I love the way the branches spray out like a wooden fountain!

The roots of an old beech tree in our Park.   Unfortunately the Council, in its wisdom decided it was diseased and cut it off at about 20ft from the ground!   But the roots still remain, as interesting as ever, and typical of beech roots.

A larch tree, just along from our back gate, in its autumnal glory.   Spring is nearly as glorious, with the little tufts of green first coming out.

A weeping willow, in all its spring glory.   One of the first trees to come into leaf here, it always makes me feel Spring is really on its way, even if the wind is still freezing cold!


Karen S. said...

Lovely photos, you have captured their strength and beauty in these shots.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Love the luscious green shots. And your reminder that we might have to cut one down, but we should replace them in order to keep the balance. ♥

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

A willow by the water...so entrancing!

Alexia said...

I'm a fellow tree-lover, Gilly - I could have posted several hundred tree pics for this theme! The willow is gorgeous, and I love the forms of the beech roots and the coppiced willow. Thank you for these shots.

Michèle Dextras said...

All those beautiful greens! If I had any talent I would paint them! And it is true, trees are so important and when we lose one it is important to replace it. And I love the beech tree roots! Thanks Gilly for wonderful photos.