Tuesday, 30 June 2015


All things aged is this week's theme.   Go over to Carmi to see how others have come up with Aged photographs - I can guarantee there will be lots of different interpretations!

I've dug in my archives for these, and the information has been taken from various appropriate sites.

Bryn Celli Ddu continues to fascinate archaeologists and linguists.
It is a large mound containing a passage grave, but it is two monuments, one built upon the other, suggesting a change of beliefs during the Neolithic period. The first monument was a henge, a central stone circle, rarely found in Wales. The second monument, a chamber, cairn, a passage grave, completely covering the first, and was probably one of the last megalithic tombs to be built on Anglesey.

The Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae lies near the dramatic white beach of the Bay of Skaill. Skara Brae is the best-preserved group of prehistoric houses in western Europe.

Uncovered by a storm in 1850, the site presents a remarkable picture of life around 5,000 years ago.

Visitors can experience a vivid impression of the realities of a prehistoric village and see ancient homes fitted with stone bed enclosures, dressers and seats. A replica construction allows visitors to fully understand the interior of a prehistoric house.

The Ring of Brodgar is a Neolithic henge 
and stone circle about 6 miles north-east of Stromness on the Mainland, the largest island in Orkney, Scotland. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Heart of Neolithic Orkney.

Known as the ‘Light in the North’, the Cathedral Church of St Magnus the Martyr is one of Orkney’s most impressive landmarks. Towering of the Kirkwall landscape, this striking red sandstone building was founded by Earl Rognvald Kolson and dedicated to his uncle, Earl Magnus Erlendson.
The building’s construction began in 1137 and was subject to numerous additions over the next three centuries. One of the finest ecclesiastical buildings in Scotland, its magnificent interior contains many objects and features of interest including memorials to prominent Orcadians and a beautiful stained glass window commissioned for the cathedral 850th anniversary.

A motley collection of old/trashy/weird items at Leek Flea Market!   (Its not all pre-history here!)

Do let me know if you have visited here - and leave a comment, I do love reading them!


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Amazing. Love those first two shots, way back in time!

Bob Scotney said...

Brilliant, Gilly. Sites like this are favourites of mine.

Karen S. said...

Oh goodness this was fun, it's like a field trip for me. I wish we had such lovely aged ancient structures to roam about.

Gilly's Camera said...

aged...and ancient. Beautiful!

photowannabe said...

Thanks for all the information. I do love AGED things, including my Hubby and my life.
We have been married for 52 years and are in our 70's also.

Carmi Levy said...

Living in Canada, anything older than a century is considered ancient - which makes me appreciate scenes like yours even more. I need to get over the pond, as you do "aged" way better than we do!

As always, your captures are so evocative. I absolutely love your photography!