Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Well, Carmi's Thematic challenge this week had me scratching my head!   To be honest, we don't go in for fine dining much chez Gilly - though I admit it is lovely to see tables all beautifully laid, glasses, shining silver cutlery and all the rest.   When we went on our cruise holidays, the dining rooms looked beautiful - until the passengers came along and spoilt it all! ;)   Even then, Mr.G and I preferred the Buffet meals - easier to choose as you could see what there was, and we met some really interesting fellow passengers, who also were perhaps a little more laid back, like us!

However, I dug around in the archives, and found the photo I took some years back of the table laid for Christmas lunch at my daughter's house.   It was a big old Victorian villa in Manchester and had plenty of room for all the relatives from old to young.   We all had a lovely time there.

Things have changed now, and I doubt very much that there will ever be such a big gathering again.   We are all getting older, and the younger members of the family are scattered, and anyway, don't seem to want to keep to the old traditions.

I shall hold on to my happy memories and continue to enjoy the food, which hasn't changed in quality or variety in any of our families!


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Looks splendid, Gilly! My first photo is Thanksgiving at my sister's house. It's a huge amount of work for her, but the rest of us love it!

Karen S. said...

Oh that's too sad about letting go of family traditions, I guess that's where we as most of us are now the elders we must keep these traditions alive. It's fun to change them up a bit, but no matter how a table is set, it's the family and friends around it that make it glow! I like this touch of decorating up for the napkins that your daughter did, (my children even all grown up) still expect and enjoy seeing a decorated table! More memory making stuff right!

Bob Scotney said...

I found Christmas tables too. I guess our Christmases now are usually for two with the family scattered about the world.
Delightful table you had here.

Gilly's Camera said...

Oooh , that looks fabulous!