Thursday, 31 December 2015


Ah!  Mugs - plain, patterned, rude, decorative, there is no end to the variety you can find!   But what really matters is what you put in them!

Personally I favour either a good strong black coffee, or, being British, a nice cup of tea.   And ordinary tea, not Earl Grey, which I am afraid I absolutely loathe!

However, over at Thematic Photography at writteninc. Carmi likes Earl Grey tea!   And has a great photograph to prove it.   See what others put around their drinks, and maybe add your own collection.

Round at ours, you always have a choice of mugs!

Actually, we have loads more - can feed and water up to 20 people, I think, which is just as well, as my Creative Writing group meets at my house and if all come there are about 15 avid writers drinking coffee and tea squashed into our sitting room.

Anyone for coffee?


Tony McGurk said...

I like the writing on the black one. So true

Tony McGurk said...

Nice reflections too

Bob Scotney said...

I like the bird and Holy Island mugs.

Happy New Year, Gilly.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Lovely mugs...Have a Happy New Year, Gilly!

Trish Marshall said...

Happy new year Gilly! We have far too many mugs. I have a one in one out rule, doesn't always work though!