Tuesday, 19 January 2016


This week, its TYRES (or Tires, if you are the other side of the pond!)   Not a very easy subject, but to see what others make of the subject, go over to writteninc. for this week's Thematic Photography.

This one is from my archives - a very posh wedding car waiting outside the Town Hall

Back at home, Mr. G's bicycle, which he hasn't ridden in a number of years, due to ageing joints!

Then there are the little wheels, with smooth tyres on our tea trolley,

And lastly, the battered and muddy tyres on our trolley we use in the garden for carrying heavy loads.   One day it will collapse under the strain!!

It all makes one grateful for the invention  of whatever it is the tyres are made of.   A hundred times better than iron rimmed wooden wheels, or the "boneshaker" early bicycles!

By popular demand I have added a
this photo of the car of which part appeared above.


Gail said...

Very artistic.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

They are very useful, if not glamorous!

fredamans said...

The tire on that old car is nice. I can just imagine how nice the car is.

Karen S. said...

I like your combination of tires, and that last garden trolley is very delightful and I'm sure quite handy. I hope it keeps gardening with you for a good long while!

Tony McGurk said...

Great detail in the bike tyre and I'd love to see the all of what seems to be a magnificent car.

Tony McGurk said...

That's a beautiful car. Thanks for adding the photo of it Gilly

Bob Scotney said...

Great car and tyre, of course. I have never seen pink ribbons on a wedding car before - is this normal? Or perhaps it was for the bridesmaids.