Thursday, 5 May 2016


Yay!   Thematic Photography is back!    Oh, I've missed it Carmi!

Well, its Nostalgia this week.   And I'm afraid I think about a lot of things that happened long ago!   In fact, we found a really old video of one of our very early holidays in Spain, far too long ago for me to admit to!   And we enjoyed looking at it, it brought back so many memories.   But I have no way of getting an old video onto my computer, so I've delved into something else.

In fact, it was a cupboard I delved into, turning it out, as one does when the sun shines, and found three things I couldn't remember using for ages.

The aluminium colander was replaced years ago with a plastic one, and then another plastic one, but the next photograph will show why I thought it nostalgic.    The double cooker  - well, when did I last use that, I can't remember!     And the little ceramic jam pot we brought back for my Mum-in-law from our first holiday abroad with Sue, in Austria, must be about 45 years ago!!   And just seeing the pot brought back memories of the Austrian holiday - getting lost in the forest, watching the local band do a bit of marching, and taking the ski lift up to the top, and then thinking we'd walk down, which nearly finished us off - it was a lot further than we imagined.

But this photo, which was taken by my Dad, is me, aged about three, shelling peas in the garden, and using an identical colander!   Now I'm not saying that mine was the same one, though it could have been, as I don't remember buying one, and I think my Mum bought a plastic one later one, but it is identical, and just seeing my old one reminded me of this photo Dad had taken.

Now there's nostalgia for you!   To see what memories others have come up with, go to Carmi, over at Thematic Photography and post some of your nostalig memories, too.


Bob Scotney said...

We had a metal colander as well; I shelled peas and broad beans from our allotment into it.

kenju said...

Gilly, I went to your old blog and was sad to see you hadn't posted anything in a long time. I am so glad I decided to come here!! I will enjoy seeing your pics again!!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I sent an old aluminum colander to the recycling bin just a few weeks ago.

It was beaten and battered, I think my mom used it back in the 60s when we lived in Virginia. I can feel why that item gives you nostalgia, Gilly.

Trish Marshall said...

Pleased to see you back Gilly. Love the photo of you shelling peas.