Sunday, 22 May 2016


Thematic Photography has had a little stutter. so thought I'd post a few photographs of my own.   Just in case anyone reads this blog!

The weather here is either rain, rain forecast, or rain just stopped.   However, we have had some warm sun in between, and everything in the garden seems to grow at least 6 ins overnight, and flowers pop out all over the place.

I had some lovely daffodils in pots, and also some absolutely gorgeous tulips.   I've planted the ones that have finished in the garden and am hoping they will appear again next year.   They are called "Jimmy", and really, they ought to have had a feminine name!    I also had some other lovely tulips, but they came out later than I expected and are still sitting in their pots, blooming away.   I have had a lot of bedding plants delivered, so had to find other pots for them!   its all go here!

Think these were King Alfred

Tulips "Jimmy"

Daisies and violets that sneaked in among the bricks on our path.

Sadly, we don't get out much these days, but had a lovely afternoon over with my daughter, it was warm enough to sit in her garden, which was lovely.  considering her garden when she finally moved in was a builder's site, she has done marvels, and obviously worked very hard.

Why does everything break just when it is most inconvenient?   Washing machine expired with a loud bang a couple of Saturdays ago.   Luckily on the very last spin of the programme.   Fortunately a local firm just down the road had the exact model I had had my eye on for a while, and delivered it on the Monday, taking the old one away.   hey presto!   A great new washing machine and I am wondering why I didn't get a new one much earlier.

Pathetic, isn't it?   that I can wax lyrical over a washing machine!!!

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Trish Marshall said...

Beautiful flower pictures Gilly. Not sad at all to get excited over a new washing machine, I do too, once I've figured out how to use it!